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Technical overview of Governance

Governance technical overview

Figure: Governance technical overview

Proposal space: In the proposal space, we shall use existing tools appropriate for all stakeholders in the network to make an MOI Enhancement Proposal (MEP). Once the MEP draft is published by the stakeholder, we Request For Comments (RFC) from all the factions of the community. Once the proposer is ready with the final draft of the proposal, it is ready for voting.

Voting space: In the voting space, we use appropriate tools to allow all MOI token holders to vote on an MEP. Each voting session will be initiated with a timeout. Only the votes cast by the token holders before the timeout will be counted. After counting the votes in a verifiable manner, the final vote counts are published to the governance contract. This is further converted into a decision, followed by actions in the resolution space.

Resolution space: In the resolution space, we use appropriate tools to implement the decision made by the community. The actions are generally reflected in either of the two forms:

  1. Update values of a critical variable in a business logic/contract
  2. Roll out a new MOI binary that reflects a new feature.