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We have proposed and described MOI as an open network protocol, that supports humanized interactions on the internet, by creating a personalized value network, enabling true P2P value transfers and personalized digital interactions. With the creation of personalized value networks built on top of MOI, all stakeholders such as end-users, developers, enterprises, and governments can manage their assets efficiently with context-enabled personalization, reliability, performance, and predictability. With the help of traceability and governance, the value generation can be democratic, offering flexibility as per the customs and norms of respective environments.

MOI’s underlying methods also establish context in distributed intelligence that enables scalability, maximized throughput and predictable TCO by various approaches to orchestrate, partition, arrange and pass messages in a deterministic manner, thereby encouraging businesses to adopt open networks in a minimalist approach and obtain exponential scaling on various range of computational devices; accompanied by capturing values, and attribute them to respective interactions propagated by actors in the network.

We conclude with a forward-looking confidence that MOI can become the new digital fabric, offering control back to the user in the form of a context-aware peer-to-peer personalized global value network, enabling humanized digital interactions. With MOI, users can be happy again with their day-to-day digital interactions and create the new digital order without any insecurity and full control 25.