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Defining our context-aware compute engine: JUG

The context-aware compute engine JUG facilitates the ability to execute logic for businesses and users. Backend applications can be developed in a multitude of languages and executed on a range of different execution environments suitable for the application needs.

The context-aware nature of JUG allows the logic developer to determine the nodes on which the logic must be executed. This allows for selective execution of logic that is either privacy-sensitive or computationally intensive, as determined by the context of the participant. Computations on JUG are verifiable and do not need to be re-executed by other nodes to validate the execution as the proof of execution is cryptographically persisted in the Tesseract.

All logics deployed on MOI are addressed by a unique address and unlike traditional Smart Contract systems, they are upgradeable, easy to maintain, have a predictable fee model, and have their own context like a regular participant. All Interactions are executed in sandboxed environments.